Lab warns that a THIRD of lorry drivers test positive for cannabis or cocaine

A drug-screening company has revealed that a shocking 36% of lorry drivers it tests are found to have drugs such as cannabis or cocaine in their system – and warned that “drug use in this country is serious underestimated.”

Manchester-based BioClinics conducts random drug tests across all workers for hundreds of companies in the North West.

But, scientific director Nichola McChrystal told Manchester Evening News that over a third of drivers will fail an initial sweep for cannabis or cocaine.

She said: “If they are positive, then they will usually get a warning before we start random testing.

“Firms can’t always sack staff or they would go bust. We do find though, that once the initial test picks up the drugs the workers will stop.”

New drug-driving laws, introduced earlier this month, placed strict limits on driving while under the influence of drugs.

Since then, BioClinics says it’s seen an increase in the amount of companies screening their drivers.