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Audi Prologue previews new A6, A7 and A8 says boss

Audi PrologueThe acclaimed Audi Prologue concept car revealed at the 2014 LA Motor Show will influence the new A6, A7 and A8, Audi technical director Ultrich Hackenberg confirmed at the show – because the design of all three cars has already been signed off. 

The first public showcase of new Audi design boss Marc Lichte’s ideas for the brand, Hackenberg said the A8 will be first to market, some time in 2016. New versions of the recently facelifted A6 and A7 should follow in 2017.

It won’t just be the car’s exterior styling that the three cars will bring into showrooms either: the Prologue’s multi-screen interior concept is also coming to production cars. An Audi insider revealed to us we’ll see the tech in a car “in 12 months’ time”.

Lichte has been tasked with making Audi design more emotional and creating more visual distinction between models. The firm’s current minimalist ‘one size fits all’ has been criticised in recent years as being somewhat bland and predictable, and the firm is keen to restore its traditional premium-sector design leadership.

It will also continue to expand into new sectors, added Hackenberg at the show – who confirmed a new model called Q8, sitting alongside Q7, is on the way. Expect this to take a similar SUV-coupe approach to the BMW X6.

“The market is there for the taking” said our Audi insider. “We’ve been missing out by not having a car like that – it really could do well for the brand.”

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