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Kevin the Minion falls over in Dublin

Minion | TwitterA Minion falls over and causes traffic chaos in Dublin. You couldn’t make it up, but that’s exactly what happened on an Irish road this week.

Fresh from his successful appearance in the latest Minions movie, Kevin was enjoying a walkabout in the Santry area of Dublin when he fell on to the Old Swords Road. There’s no truth in the rumour that he was spotted earlier enjoying some time in the Guinness Storehouse.

The sight of the giant yellow Minion brought terror to the streets of Dublin as he roamed about in scenes that echoed that of the original Ghostbusters movie and the famous Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Motorists were forced to endure delays of up to 15 minutes as the smiley-faced yellow thing struggled to regain consciousness.

Kevin’s pal, Bob, was nowhere to be seen, prompting rumours that the pair have had a falling out. The other famous smiley-faced yellow thing was unavailable for comment.

Fortunately for the people of Dublin, and indeed western society, the local Garda police soon had things under control, when the giant inflatable Minion was deflated and carried away in a wheelbarrow. Samples taken at the scene revealed that Kevin hadn’t been drinking.

There were no reported injuries and damage was kept to a minimum, although one car did lose a door mirror. Good luck explaining that one to the insurance company. Probably best to put it down as an act of Minion.

The Minions movie, which premiered in July, is a spin off of the successful Despicable Me films and is likely to be this summer’s smash hit. Kevin has now started work on his autobiography, Inflatable Me.

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