Jose Mourinho and Manchester United held up by a Jaguar


Could Jose Mourinho’s appointment at Manchester United be held up by a Jaguar? That’s the claim being made by Sky Sports, as the will-he, won’t-he saga rolls on.

Though the ‘Special One’ has agreed personal terms with the club, it is understood the deal is being held up by a series of endorsement deals and United’s commercial partnership. When football and cars collide, Chevrolet and Jaguar simply do not mix.

At the end of the day, Clive, Manchester United are locked into a seven-year shirt sponsorship deal with General Motors, the result of which sees the Chevrolet logo displayed on the club’s famous red shirt.

Who needs Mourinho? Well Jaguar certainly does, with the Portuguese manager acting as a brand ambassador for the company. Back in March 2014 he was the first ‘customer’ to take delivery of a new F-Type. Two years on, that deal might be coming back to haunt him. Should have kept that Audi you were given when you were at Real Madrid, Jose.

Andy Burton of Sky Sports said: “One example of potential conflict is Mourinho’s commercial deal with Jaguar, which is at odds with United’s seven-year deal with General Motors, which sees Chevrolet as the club’s shirt sponsor.”

It’s one of a number of image rights issues surrounding the former Chelsea boss, including watchmaker Hublot and South Korean casino operator Paradise Co.

Earlier this year, Mourinho, who owns a Jaguar F-Type Coupe and has already placed an order for a new F-Pace, took part in some ice driving in Sweden. He hinted at an imminent return to management, by saying:

“I have worked for as long as I can remember as a manager and this is now the second time I have stopped in 16 years. So it’s not a drama, but for sure I will be back soon.”


Could this photo show Jose Mourinho texting his prospective employers at Old Trafford? Or possibly on the phone to his lawyers? Maybe he was playing Football Manager…

Chevrolet has all but disappeared from the UK, but it remains possible to order a 2016 Camaro or Corvette. The American company will be keen to get Mourinho behind the wheel of one of its cars and has a track record of supplying cars to the club.

Sir Alex Ferguson drove a Chevrolet Volt, Wayne Rooney a Chevrolet Camaro Convertible and Javier Hernandez a Chevrolet Corvette. David ‘is he off to Real Madrid’ De Gea drew the short straw, earning the right to drive a Chevrolet Captiva. He doesn’t look that impressed, but he could have dressed up for the occasion.


As for Mourinho, time will tell. Will he be forced to sever all ties with Jaguar, kissing goodbye to the F-Pace in the process? It’s a game of two halves. A proper six-pointer. And there are some tired legs out there.

Back to you in the studio, Gary.

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