‘Jeremy who?’ Second Chris Evans Top Gear proves to be a hit

‘Jeremy who?’ Second Chris Evans Top Gear proves to be a hit

 ‘Jeremy who?’ Second Chris Evans Top Gear proves to be a hit

We always knew the new series of Top Gear would prove to be controversial – but episode two has been greeted with almost universal acclaim.

Despite a rocky start with last week’s show, Twitter users have been praising Chris Evans and his team for a sterling effort, with some suggesting it was BETTER than with the original trio.

The show, which was aired last night on BBC 2, featured a race between Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc and Eddie Jordan to deliver three celebrities to the highest pub in the world.

Those celebs included Seasick Steve, Tinie Tempah and Texas vocalist Sharleen Spiteri, while actor Damian Lewis appeared as Star in a Rallycross Car. F1 driver Jenson Button also put in an appearance – helping Chris Evans get to grips with the McLaren 675LT.

Tinie Tempah took to Twitter following the show suggesting he’d be up for a job on the presenting team.

What did Twitter think of episode 2 of the new Top Gear?

Will Chris Evans ever stop shouting?

One thing that’s still bugging viewers is Chris Evans – and his eagerness to shout at the audience.

What about viewing figures?

Official viewing figures are yet to be announced, but they’re unlikely to be higher than the 4.4 million who watched live last week. That’s now up to 6.2 million including iPlayer views.

Chris Evans has kept quiet this week – unlike last week, when he took to Twitter to respond to critics.

Update: 06.06.16 11.00am

While the critical reception was positive, this wasn’t reflected in the viewing figures – which dropped to just 2.8 million. This is believed to be the lowest Top Gear audience in at least a decade.

Naturally, Chris Evans has taken to Twitter to defend the show.

In other words… a disappointing amount of people watched the show live, but Evans is hoping we’ll all catch up on iPlayer.

What did you think of episode 2 of the new Top Gear? Comment below to let us know.

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