Jeremy Clarkson faces Twitter backlash over Amazon Fire TV advert

A controversial advert for Amazon’s Fire TV stick has provoked outrage on Twitter, with Sherlock Holmes actor Eddie Marsan leading a backlash of angry tweets.

The advert shows Jeremy Clarkson mocking his well-publicised ‘fracas’ in which he punched a producer and was sacked from his job at the BBC.

In the advert, Clarkson says: “Back in the spring, as you probably remember, I suddenly became ‘unbusy’ – and that was OK, because, I had one of these, an Amazon Fire TV stick.”

But some, including Eddie Marsan, are accusing Amazon of making light of a serious situation.

The tweet, posted last night, has had a hundreds of ‘likes’ and a huge amount of responses.

Marsan’s wife, Janine, later joined in the discussion…

In the advert, Clarkson goes on to list some of the features of the Amazon Fire TV stick – awkwardly skimming over the BBC iPlayer.

Do you think Amazon is right to poke fun at Clarkson’s ‘fracas’, or is it distasteful? Comment below or tweet us @editorial_MR.

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