Jeremy Clarkson in bizarre expletive-filled Twitter rant

Ex-Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson isn’t one to shy away from saying what he thinks – which explains why he described a story on the Mail Online yesterday as ‘utter horses**t’.

The story suggested Clarkson encouraged crowds to gather in Italy, where filming was taking place for the trio’s new series The Grand Tour, in a bid to give Chris Evans ‘two fingers’ as he quit Top Gear.

In the Twitter rant, Clarkson described the journalist who wrote it as ‘a disgrace’ and suggested he’d made up quotes.

Fellow presenters James May and Richard Hammond joined in the Twitter squabble, having a dig at Clarkson over the colour of the Aston Martin DB11 he was driving in the pictures.

Clarkson responded to the jibes with a series of tweets arguing that the Aston Martin is orange.

The ex-Top Gear trio are currently filming The Grand Tour which will be shown through Amazon’s Prime online streaming service later in the year.