Forget Avengers: This Jeep is the hero we all need

Jeep Wrangler save award

Jeep Wrangler driver Mark Blessed is now also a decorated Local Hero, after he helped multiple vehicles get moving during heavy snow in Cornwall. Multiple vehicles, including a 40-tonne lorry…

The stakes were inordinately high. Not only was the truck stuck in the snow, but it was blocking the path for an ambulance laden with a patient. Blessed and his 20-year-old Jeep motored to the rescue.

Mark’s actions rightly earned him a hearty round of applause at the time. They also earned him several nominations for a Local Heroes Award with Pirate FM. Jeep UK doffed its cap too, with a new spare wheel cover and a selection of gifts. (We might have stretched to a discount off a new Wrangler…)

“Somehow, my little Jeep managed to tow a 40 tonne lorry and let him go on his way,” said Mark.

“So many people were standing and cheering – it just goes to show how one little thing that you do affects so many different people along the way. I just did a good deed, not to be recognised.”

Jeep Wrangler hero

And Andrew Tracey, Marketing Manager, Jeep UK, added: “When we heard about Mark’s generous actions, and the fact that he was able to help clear the road of a 40-tonne truck using his Wrangler, we were absolutely delighted.

“Mark fully deserves this recognition and we were happy to send him some gifts with our good wishes.”

This might be the best story of car-lorry collaboration since a Trans Am and a selection of big rigs performed highway ballet on the silver screen. Ten-four Snowman!

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