Jeep Trackhawk versus European performance heroes

Jeep has pit its 710hp 6.2-litre supercharged V8 Grand Cherokee Trackhawk against a pair of European icons of the 1990s. This makes for fun viewing, given we’ll be reporting on how the Trackhawk drives in the UK very soon.

With 710hp at its disposal via a screaming supercharger, you wouldn’t imagine the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk has much at all to prove. However, it’s due to go on very limited sale in the UK and we like to think we’re a tough crowd.

As such, a bit of a punch-up with some sports and performance car royalty from over 20 years ago was in order.

It is at least useful to put into perspective just how far power and performance have come over the past three decades years. Against the 340hp TVR Griffith 500 and the 220hp Audi Quattro, the Trackhawk is a veritable hypercar.

 Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackhawkTVR Griffith 500Audi Quattro
Price£89,995 OTR£36,000 (new)£45,000
EngineSupercharged 6.2-litre HEMI V8 5.0-litre V82.2-litre 5 cyl turbo
Power710 hp340 bhp220 bhp
0-62mph3.7 seconds4.1 seconds6.2 seconds
Top speed180mph167mph145mph
Quarter-mile11.48 seconds13.81 seconds18.48 seconds
Special skillsFastest accelerating SUVN/AFour wheel drive

So it proves. The TVR and Audi take a respective 0.4 and 2.5 seconds more to get to 62 than the 3.7-second Jeep. Even Jeep itself refers to it as a ‘true supercar SUV’.

The result on the drag strip is predictable. The Jeep smashed the quarter-mile drag in 11.48 seconds and hit 119mph at the trap. The Griff’ and the Audi got there in a respective 13.81 and 18.48 seconds. These were fast cars in their day, now shown the door on track by the hopped-up descendent of an American blue-collar hero.

Jeep Trackhawk versus European performance heroes

Jeep even quotes the pound-per-power figures compared to more contemporary rivals. While the car’s punch is impressive independent of price, the calculations are telling. The Jeep offers £127 per horsepower. That compares to £296 per horsepower for the Bentley Bentayga and £257 per horsepower for the Lamborghini Urus.

What’s the actual price of the Trackhawk? One of the few coming to the UK could be yours for £89,995. If we’re not mistaken, the Jeep represents the only manufacturer-sanctioned way of getting over 700hp under your right foot for under £100,000.

Jeep Trackhawk versus European performance heroes

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