Jaguar XF R-Sport

Jaguar XF R-Sport: the low CO2 Jaguar R-S

Jaguar XF R-SportJaguar will reveal another sporting XF variant at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show – but this one can do nearly 58mpg…

The new Jaguar XF R-Sport range is the firm’s mainstream performance response to BMW M Sport, Audi S-line and Mercedes-Benz AMG Sport: sports looks and suspension, but green engines.

For the XF, this means a 163hp 2.2-litre diesel that emits just 129g/km and averages 57.7mpg.

The usual tricks help achieve this: super-efficient eight-speed ZF automatic, Jaguar’s clever Twin Solenoid Starter stop-start system and other tireless eco tweaks (revised cooling system, larger EGR valves and so on).

One of the most obvious R-Sport differentiators has also been eco-tuned though: the Gloss Anthracite wheels are actually a relatively sensible 17-inch design, and are fitted with low rolling resistance tyres. Because every little helps.

If it doesn’t help, 18-inch alloys are also available, although these take economy down to 55mpg and CO2 emissions up over the 130g/km mark.

Jaguar XF R-Sport 3

Other R-Sport cues are bolder: Sport front bumper, beefy side sills and a chunky rear spoiler.There are R-Sport badges on the front wing gills as well.

An optional Black styling pack makes it look even meaner (although even the standard cars have gloss black window surrounds), and inside, suedecloth seats blend in with the ‘charcoal on charcoal’ colourschemes… unless you want them to contrast, in which case you can choose Dove, Tan or Red.

There are stainless steel pedals, R-Sport badges and a choice of dark oak, piano black or carbon fibre dash veneers.

Solely offered with the 163hp 2.2-litre diesel engine at the moment (spot the single exhaust), the Jaguar XF R-Sport does 0-62mph in 10.5 seconds and can hit a maximum of 130mph. Not Jaguar R performance then, but 295lb ft of torque makes it easy to drive and we know the four-pot diesel is generally refined enough.

“The XF R-Sport opens up the unique Jaguar ownership experience to a whole new group of customers,” said Steven De Ploey, Jaguar global brand director.

“Business users and fleet managers will be able to enjoy the seductive design from the high performance ‘R’ models, while benefiting from the low emissions and high fuel efficiency of the powertrain. In short, Intelligent Performance taken to the next level.”

It’s logic that’s impossible to fault. Jaguar’s getting ever-more focused and serious with its model range. The R-Sport line is the clearest sign year: watch out, Audi and BMW, Jaguar wants a few of your customers…

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