Jaguar XE Word Cloud

Jaguar XE uncovered – as a word cloud

Jaguar XE Word CloudJaguar has fully uncovered the new XE junior executive saloon during the London Design Festival – as a word cloud sculpture.

The all-aluminium car sculpture is made up of 95 words in seven languages that “express the aesthetics and characteristics” of the new Jaguar XE. It has been created by the Jaguar design team who worked with CAD, graphic artwork, stage design and metal work experts.

Jaguar XE Word CloudIt reveals the Jaguar XE profile for the first time, showing the profile of the car ahead of its full global debut in London on 8 September. Installed in the London Design Museum’s Tower Bridge waterfront ‘tank’, visitors have until 6 October to walk around the new XE and check out the car’s profile.

Rival brands such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz may also be looking at the new sculpture with interest, for a first view of Jaguar’s challenger to the 3 Series, A4 and C-Class. Standouts include the coupe-like roofline, big wheelarches and stubby tail.

Ian Callum, Jaguar Director of Design, said: “It has been an enormous amount of fun bringing a word cloud of XE and everything it means to life. It’s hugely satisfying to be recognised by London Design museum and to have our work become part of London Design Festival.”

Ahead of its global reveal tomorrow evening, what else can you tell about the XE’s much-anticipated look from Jaguar’s word cloud sculpture? Do let us know below…

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