Lexus JD Power

Jaguar and Lexus share What Car?/JD Power brand honours

Lexus JD Power

Lexus scoops its 12th JD Power trophy after British motorists vote it Best Brand once again

Jaguar and Lexus have been voted the most satisfying car brands to own by more than 15,000 voters in the 2014 What Car?/JD Power owner survey.

Both brands scored 80.8% in the overall Best Brand rankings – making it three years in a row at the top for Jaguar, and a remarkable 12th top manufacturer trophy for Lexus.

JD Power reveals best and worst cars 2014

Jim Holder, What Car? editor, said: “It is great to see Lexus returning to form in this year’s What Car?/JD Power customer satisfaction study, sharing the top slot with Jaguar.

“It is great to see Jaguar rated so highly by customers in the company’s home market,” he added. “The XF is Jaguar’s best-selling model and it is easy to see why – customers gave excellent ratings across styling, comfort and reliability”.

Both brands scored well above the average brand satisfaction score of 77.2%. It was less good news for some other brands though – 12 car manufacturers posted a below-average score, including big-name makers Ford, Vauxhall and Nissan.

Surprisingly, Hyundai was in the below average list – unlike sister brand Kia – although there was a clear loser right at the foot of the rankings: Chevrolet.

The brand scored just 68% in owner satisfaction, way off the ‘next-worst’ Italian duo of Alfa Romeo (72.5%) and Fiat (73.9%). Chevrolet is departing these shores soon following a surprise withdrawal announced last year: on this evidence, it won’t be missed…

2014 manufacturer league table

1             Jaguar: 80.8%

1             Lexus: 80.8%

3             Mercedes-Benz: 80.1%

4             Škoda: 80.0%

5             Volkswagen: 79.1%

6             Honda: 78.9%

7             Volvo: 78.4%

8             Toyota: 77.9%

9             Kia: 77.8%

9             Mazda: 77.8%

9             MINI: 77.8%

12           Audi: 77.7%

13           BMW: 77.5%

14           Land Rover: 77.4%

Study Average: 77.2%

15           Ford: 77.0%

15           Hyundai: 77.0%

15           Nissan: 77.0%

18           SEAT: 76.7%

19           Vauxhall: 75.7%

20           Peugeot: 75.3%

21           Renault: 75.2%

22           Citroën: 75.1%

23           Suzuki: 74.8%

24           Fiat: 73.9%

25           Alfa Romeo: 72.5%

26           Chevrolet: 68.0%

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