Jaguar logoThe ASA has upheld a complaint relating to an ad in Jaguar’s Good To Be Bad campaign – just a month after being ticked off for another ad campaign. 

The latest ad is titled ‘The Art of Villainy’ and features Tom Hiddleston revealing what makes him (well, his character) a good villain. Filmed in an underground car park, it was based around the F-Type and, the ASA assessed, featured “acceleration and speed.

“The car was shown driving up the ramp to exit the underground car park… the noise of acceleration and the speed with which the car went up the ramp in the car park appeared to suggest significant speed within an enclosed environment.”

(We are not making this up.)

“We also considered significant speed was suggested when the car accelerated on the public road after the character said “Now brace yourselves” and again when the car exited a tunnel and sped away from other cars on the road.

‘We considered that the second part of the ad suggested that the car was being driven at excessive speeds and that the ad therefore encouraged irresponsible driving.

Jaguar responded by saying the brief moment of acceleration was not excessive, that speed limits were not exceeded during the filming of the ad… and that the police were present during filming.

This wasn’t enough for the ASA though, which agreed with the complainant (just the one, then?) who “believed the ad featured and encouraged unsafe driving, challenged whether the ad was socially irresponsible.”

See the ad for yourself below, while you can: Jaguar’s been banned from showing it again in its current format and has also been told not to portray speed or driving behaviour that might encourage irresponsible driving in the future. As it’s the second such warning in a month, Jaguar will be redoubling efforts to make sure it complies.

What do you think, though: is it good or has it been bad?