Jaguar F-Type red poppy

Jaguar’s M6 landmark gets red poppies for Remembrance Sunday

Jaguar F-Type red poppyJaguar has given the F-Type sports car mounted on the side of its Castle Bromwich production plant a makeover for Remembrance Sunday – with ex-servicemen from Mission Motorsport carrying out the work.

The car, which is located 35ft in the air and clearly visible to motorists on the M6 motorway, now has a bespoke red poppy livery carrying the words of the John McCrae poem In Flanders Fields.

Ex-servicemen Lance Corporal Chris Read, Guardsman Chris Walker, Private Dan Elliot and Lance Corporal Francis Stokes both spent three weeks designing the livery, then fitting it to the landmark F-Type.

A second F-Type SVR was decked out with the same poppy design at Mission Motorsport’s Wantage workshop. It’s currently undertaking a 10-day tour of the UK ahead of Remembrance Sunday this weekend – and will also be the safety car in the 2017 Race of Remembrance at the Anglesey circuit on 10-12 November.

Jaguar Land Rover says the F-Type tribute is the latest commitment as part of plans to become “the automotive employer of choice for former armed services personnel”. Since 2013, more than 750 former servicemen and servicewomen have been hired by the firm.

Fittingly, the red poppy F-Type also faces the Castle Bromwich Sentinel sculpture, in tribute to the Spitfires built there between 1939-1945.

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