Jaguar F-Type Coupe data now LIVE on MR


Jaguar has revealed prices and data for the much-anticipated new F-Type Coupe – and MR has it online in FULL.

There’s a surprise right away too: F-Type Coupe prices start from £51,235, a full £7285 LESS than the F-Type Roadster!

That’s for a 340hp 3.0-litre V6 SC F-Type Coupe: the 380hp 3.0-litre V6 SC F-Type Coupe S costs £60,235 (compared to £67,520 for the V6 S F-Type Roadster).

There’s another surprise at the top of the range, too. Jaguar has launched the 5.0-litre V8 SC model in F-Type Coupe R guise…

… and it packs a full 550hp!

The Porsche-beating F-Type R Coupe costs £85,000, making it the only F-Type Coupe to be priced above a similar-engined F-Type Roadster – although the equivalent open-top V8 S model ‘only’ offers 500hp.


How do these prices compare to the Porsche 911, then? Well, Jaguar has certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons: the cheapest Porsche 911, a 350hp Carrera Coupe, costs £73,413 – and even then, you have to add on the PDK automatic for parity with the eight-speed automatic Jaguar.

That means the cheapest self-shifting Porsche 911 costs £75,800… enough to buy you a 380hp Jaguar F-Type Coupe S with a full £15k to spend on options!

It’s less powerful too: the cheapest 400hp Porsche 911 Carrera S is £83,448, or £85,835 with PDK… for that, you can have a 550hp Jaguar F-Type R Coupe.

At the bottom end of the range, Jaguar has also responded to those who say the F-Type is actually more of a Porsche Cayman rival. The Cayman S, with a 325hp 3.4-litre motor, costs £48,783, or £50,705 with PDK.

Almost identical to the £51,235 Jaguar F-Type Coupe, then… let battle commence!

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