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Jaguar F-Pace helps drive 90% growth in sales

Jaguar F-PaceThe new Jaguar F-Pace is helping Jaguar accelerate its sales growth with May 2016 growing 90% on the previous year to hit the firm’s best sales in a decade – and Jaguar Land Rover’s best May ever.

More than 3,000 F-Pace were sold globally in May alone, forming a big chunk of Jaguar’s May sales total of 10,663 vehicles. The XE and XF are also continuing to sell solidly says Jaguar, particularly in Europe where sales grew a staggering 281% on the previous year.

Jaguar F-Pace review

Year to date, Jaguar sales of 48,480 marks a full 60% growth on 2015 – and the 90% growth in May suggests this is only the start for Jaguar, whose sales turnaround has been a long, long time coming.

Land Rover remains the dominant brand in the Jaguar Land Rover family though: 34,313 Land Rovers were sold in May, a more genteel sales growth of 6%. Year to date, volumes are up 16%, to an eye-watering 196,620 units of premium-price SUVs

Globally, China continues to be JLR’s fastest-growing market, with May sales up 28%; they grew 24% in Europe (23% in the UK), 8% in North America but just 6% in other presumably-growing overseas markets.

At the launch of the F-Pace, Jaguar design boss Ian Callum said boosting familiarity of the Jaguar brand is key to broadening the brand’s growth: many people outside key European, North American and Asian markets simply aren’t aware of the famous brand.

That’s the reason why the F-Pace shares a front-end family look with other Jaguar cars. People need to recognise Jaguars on the road first, he said, if they’re to become familiar with the brand and, eventually, go out and buy one.

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