Jaguar to build Project 7 concept – and it's coming to Goodwood FoS 2014

JAGUAR PROJECT 7Jaguar has confirmed it is building the Project 7 concept car that wowed the crowds at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed – and it will showcase the production version at this year’s FoS.

The 575hp Project 7 is Jaguar’s most powerful car ever, its fastest car ever and certainly its most focused production car in years. Developed by the new Special Operations department, it is a concept that will make it to dealer showrooms with its integrity fully in tact. And with a whole load of extra added appeal to boot…


It’s been developed under the watch of Special Operations director Paul Newsome, a former Williams man who most recently worked on Formula E, the Nissan GT-R ring attack car and Jaguar’s own C-X75. The desire has been to create a car for the track first, and only then make it viable for the road: extensive suspension revisions range from new front knuckles, to race-style twin springs, to a heavily front-biased spring ratio, to an aero balance that has a massive 177% more downforce than the regular F-Type roadster.

But it’s the design that is the real wow. Unlike so many productionised concept cars, this reaches customers unsullied. The front end has some more aggressive aero features, the side skirts are bigger and there’s a new rear wing, but Callum’s 2013 concept (designed by Cesar Pieri – “he sketched it on his notepad,” says Callum, “I spotted it, we ‘found’ an F-Type that just happened to be lying around, and built it…”) is basically true – and looks fantastic as a result.


Star draw, of course, is the D-type-inspired fairing, made from carbon fibre and sitting behind the driver. This is significant; Project 7 is now a two-seater, but Jaguar’s kept the classic asymmetrical design – behind the passenger will be a small rollover hoop instead.


Graphics and roundels are standard, including those on the doors, and there will be five colours – D-type-style green, Project 7 concept-style blue, plus red, black and white.

As the launch car for Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations, the firm wanted to roll out Project 7 with a bang. It’s done that: the car more than stands up to scrutiny and is one of the most thoroughly engineered special editions we’ve seen in years. We know the regular F-Type is super, and the focused F-Type R Coupe is fantastic: this will take things to a whole new level.

At what price? Remarkably, just £135,000. For a limited edition (no more than 250 will be made, promised Jaguar) as bespoke and fascinating as this, that’s remarkable. Jaguar should sell them all in an eyeblink. Jaguar has a genuine modern classic on its hands. Jaguar, we can’t wait to see and hear it in action…

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