Aston Martin Vulcan Yas Marina

Is this the world’s most enviable track day ever?

Aston Martin Vulcan Yas MarinaSix of the first Aston Martin Vulcan owners have gathered in Abu Dhabi to kick off the first session in three years of complementary driver experience sessions – and launch the track day series of dreams.

Aston Martin Racing works driver Darren Turner led the team of instructors for the 7.0-litre V12 track-only Aston, giving owners their first taste of what 820hp feels like.

They didn’t go straight in, mind. They started off (relatively) slowly, in an Aston Martin V12 Vantage S. Then moved up to a Vantage GT4 racing car.

Yes, a Vulcan is a step up even from a track-bred racer.

An instructor was sat alongside them all the way and, when they were ready, owners were at last sent out in their new Vulcans for a day at the Yas Marina F1 track. It was a day that, thanks to the fact that it’s floodlit, continued into the night.

Aston Martin Director of special projects and motorsport David King said: “Aston Martin Vulcan is a very special car and that is why we have developed a unique ownership programme. This includes specialist training so customers can drive it in the way it was intended.”

Darren Turner said it genuinely was the first time owners had driven their £1.5 million hypercars, although they had all been passengers alongside him at recent events.

He assured us they’re fast enough to handle it, too. “It has been a pleasure to see how quickly they have all got up to speed and to hear their first impressions of the car.” Which is reassuring…

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