Is a SEAT Mii for you at £79 a month?


SEAT has revealed its latest dealer special offers – and they include a £79 a month deal on the well-stocked SEAT Mii city car.

The incentive is on the SEAT Mii Toca which, in three-door guise, costs from £8995.

The Mii Toca is a limited-time edition based on the SE. It includes some cracking kit for a city car: 14-inch alloys, Bluetooth, rear parking sensors…

… AND standard sat nav!

Also included are electric door mirrors, air con, leather steering wheel and a trick double-floor boot.

Mated to the 60hp 1.0-litre triple, it emits 105g/km and averages 62.8mpg combined.

The PCP deal requires a £2179 deposit and is based on a 4.9 per cent APR finance rate. There’s a final payment at the end too, of course – but most will probably trade up into another SEAT.

Such as a Leon, for example? Today, that can be bought for £165 a month, with an inventivised £4771 deposit. In three years’ time, you can be the deals will be even sharper…

This is why having a city car is such a boon for SEAT. Watch its sales rise and, over the years, its model mix richen.

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