The internet is ridiculing Elon Musk after he teased a ‘top secret masterplan’

The internet is taunting Elon Musk after he teased ‘top secret masterplan’

The internet is ridiculing Elon Musk after he teased a ‘top secret masterplan’

No other car manufacturer CEO could get away with tweeting that he’s ‘working on a top secret masterplan’ – especially in the wake of a series of bad publicity for the firm, including coming bottom in a mystery shopper survey, and an investigation for a crash involving one of its autonomous cars.

But that’s what Tesla’s Elon Musk has done – and the response has been largely positive, with its shares rising by more than 4% following the tweet.

On the world wide web, however, there’s always someone on hand to poke fun. Here are some of the funniest responses to Musk’s tweet.

Musk’s original masterplan was published in August 2006 and outlined how he intended to make a ‘low-cost family car’ that would be more eco-friendly than petrol-based alternatives.

This was revealed as the Tesla Model 3 earlier this year. More than 400,000 deposits have since been placed for the car worldwide.

Rumours suggest Musk’s new masterplan could evolve around a Tesla mobility service – similar to Ford’s plans announced at this year’s Detroit Auto Show.

Others are suggesting it could involve creating an electric truck to rival America’s best-selling vehicle, the Ford F-Series pick-up truck.

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