You can now drive your own Google Street View car

Ever wished you could create your own 360-degree pictures while driving around every day? You can – Google has just approved this £3,599 Insta360 Pro to work with Street View.

It’s the first of 20 new 360-degree cameras which will be ‘Street View ready’, allowing users to publish their own interactive, movable pictures. Just like Street View.

While the Insta360 Pro is rated for ‘auto’, meaning that you can attach it to your vehicle, other cameras set to follow will fit into other categories: including mobile ready, VR ready and workflow ready. This means you’ll be able to create Street View-style images whether you’re cycling, walking, running or even riding a horse.

Of course, there are much cheaper 360 cameras on the market, but they won’t necessarily meet Google’s strict requirements if you wish to publish your own Street View experience.

Using a combination of Google’s official Street View app and the camera maker’s Pro Stitcher desktop app, you’ll be able to create images that could be used on Street View and attributed to you. Although Google has already mapped large chunks of the earth using its own cameras cars, this would allow it to plug gaps using citizen mappers. The company says Street View will default to showing the ‘best’ imagery available at any given location – whether that’s its own, or images taken by a member of the public.