Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge

Infiniti wants to trademark Eau Rouge

Infiniti Q50 Eau RougeInfiniti has reportedly filed a trademark application in the US for ‘Eau Rouge’ as evaluation of its high performance BMW M3-rivalling Q50 prototype continues.

Eau a Rouge is one of the most famous and challenging Formula One corners in the world. It is a 180mph downhill-uphill blast at the Belgium Spa Francorchamps circuit that has been a favourite of drivers for decades. Its status is legendary.

Eau Rouge is also the name of Infiniti’s Q50 high performance junior exec prototype. Fitted with the 560hp 3.8-litre V6 twin turbo engine from the Nissan GT-R, the concept has already earned rave reviews, although Infiniti is still yet to confirm if it is going to make it or not.

The application was filed in January, reports Automotive News, and a spokesman said he wasn’t aware of any objections from the circuit owners: the Wallonian regional government has owned the Spa Francorchamps circuit for the past decade. The legal director of the circuit apparently declined to comment on whether it objected to the trademark application or not.

The circuit has reportedly this year trademarked the name ‘L’Eau Rouge’.

Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge: ‘Faster than a BMW M3’

Motoring Research drove the Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge earlier this year. We reported it was “stonkingly quick” although it still required development if it was to become a BMW M3 rival. Infiniti, we added, should if anything turn the dial up rather than water it down.

While Infiniti is coy on confirming if will make the Q50 Eau Rouge, this latest news suggests there is a strong desire within the company to put it into production: it is not normal practice to trademark pure concepts.

Motoring enthusiasts will thus be taking the news positively. If any car could live up to this famous F1 corner, a saloon car with a 560hp engine from the mighty Nissan GT-R developed by multiple F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel could.

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