Infiniti goes extra mile to generate custom


We reported a few weeks ago that Infiniti had company car drivers in its sights with the launch of the Q50.

When doing some research on prices and specifications for that article, I filled in a form to give Infiniti a few of my details and download a brochure.

What followed was a number of emails – professional and courteous, I should point out – from Infiniti in Birmingham, my local dealer.

The emails were encouraging me to take a test drive in one of their cars – as the “only way to really appreciate Infiniti is to experience our cars first hand”. All standard procedure, I admit, when considering buying a car.

However – what really surprised and impressed me was the willingness of Infiniti in Birmingham to deliver a car to me for a test drive, “no matter how far away” I live.

The address I provided was over 60 miles away in the depths of rural Shropshire, yet Infiniti would bring a car to me to try out.

Would a BMW dealer go to the same effort? Perhaps not. Admittedly it wouldn’t be as necessary with a larger dealer network and a more widespread brand image, but I quite like the personal touch from Infiniti.

What do you think? Have you had car dealerships going the extra mile to secure your custom? Or is it a sign of desperation as Infiniti attempts to bring in more customers?