Hyundai sells six million cars in Europe

hyundai_1Hyundai has announced it’s hit six million sales in Europe since it started importing cars in 1977.

It took 19 years for the manufacturer to sell its first million in Europe, but the latest one million cars sold took just over two years.

How has Hyundai boomed in popularity in the European market over recent years? Well, the company has actively built cars aimed at European customers and invested €3 billion in manufacturing, R&D and motorsport.

The company has increased production in Europe, and 95% of all Hyundais sold are now designed and developed at the manufacturer’s European Technical Centre in Rüsselsheim, Germany.

300,000 new Hyundais are built every year in the Czech Republic, while the brand’s Turkey plant has been expanded to an annual capacity of 200,000 units to cater for production of the new i10.

Hyundai Motor Europe’s senior vice president and COO, Allan Rushforth, said: “Europe is one of the most demanding car markets in the world: it’s a strategic focus for Hyundai and an essential component of our global success, which is why we will continue to invest in the region.

“In 2014, we are making qualitative enhancements in a number of areas, helping the company grow organically rather than pursuing market share gains at any cost. This will lay the foundations for a new growth period from the middle of the decade.”

The brand is also looking to improve its image, forming partnerships with organisations such as Tate and FIFA. Hyundai plans to launch 22 near models and derivatives in Europe over the next four years, aiming for a 5% market share by 2020.

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