Hyundai i30 N hot hatch tested in Britain

Hyundai i30 N UK testing 2017Fresh from getting its World Rally Championship driver Thierry Neuville to help with sign-off, Hyundai is now putting the finishing touches to its new i30 N hot hatch in Britain. The firm has been conducting final proofing drives on what it calls “the most challenging roads in the UK”.

Hyundai’s first ever hot hatch, the new i30 N will boast a 2.0-litre turbo engine and six-speed manual gearbox – the same sort of drivetrain you get in a Golf GTI. And to ensure it handles with Golf GTI prowess, Hyundai hired former BMW chassis guru Albert Biermann to oversee the project.

Video: Watch the Hyundai i30 N testing in Britain

It’s presumably Biermann that insisted the i30 N’s final testing trial should be on Britain’s uniquely idiosyncratic roads: “We have to make sure that on these challenging UK roads the driving performance is also well suited to everyday use.”

It sounds like he was spoiled for choice: “There are plenty of fun and challenging corners out here.” It’s these British B-roads that have been used to fine-tune the i30 N’s multiple drive modes and advanced adaptive suspension, he added.

Although Hyundai insists the ‘N’ partly stands for Namyang, its global R&D centre, most will prefer the Nürburgring link: as if to underline this, Hyundai is later this month entering two “close to production” i30 Ns in the ADAC 24-hour race at the Nürburgring, complete with the same engine and gearbox to be used in the road-going versions.

Rather promisingly, Hyundai says this will give its engineers “more valuable insights about… potential performance enhancements for the i30 N”. Roll on the i30 N Nürburgring when the new hot hatch launches this summer.  

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