Hyundai explains the meaning of N

Hyundai explains the meaning of N at the Nurburgring

Hyundai explains the meaning of NHyundai’s performance sub-brand, N, is gaining kudos amongst enthusiasts, but it seems not everyone is aware of the firm’s hot Volkswagen GTI alternative.

As it builds up to roll out more N products at this autumn’s Paris Motor Show, Hyundai has thus decided to give everyone a reminder of the meaning of N.

Fittingly, two Hyundai high-performance division execs gathered at the Nurburgring to give the N refresher course: the Green Hell partly inspired the ‘N’ name – along with Hyundai’s huge R&D Centre at Namyang, South Korea.

Hyundai explains the meaning of N

So what are Hyundai N cars? They’re fast, fun to drive machines that combine everyday practicality with track-capable performance, explained executive vice president Thomas Schermera. But there’s more, he explained: “We aren’t here to simply build cars, we want to create emotions, feelings, and desire.”

‘Corner Rascals’

Hyundai explains the meaning of N

“We aren’t afraid to do things differently,” continued Albert Biermann, president and head of the Vehicle Performance Division. “Our N cars balance performance and practicality so that they are fun to drive every day.

“Every N car loves cornering, hence the nickname we have given to their character: ‘Corner Rascal.’ Whether it’s urban commuting or track driving, N handles it beautifully.”

Coming this autumn is a hot N version of the Hyundai i30 Fastback, joining the existing i30 N hatch. That’s the camouflagued car Hyundai was running at the ‘Ring.

Hyundai explains the meaning of N

Hyundai also confusingly showed off the Veloster N at the Nurburgring explainer session – its first U.S.-market model, but one that’s not available in Europe.

Has Hyundai bought it over here to test the water, we wonder?

Certainly, sales of Hyundai N models are exceeding expectations, reports the firm. In the first half of 2018, over 3,000 i30 N were sold across Europe, and UK sales are running almost 200 percent beyond predictions.

By the end of the year, 1,000 i30 N will be on the road in the UK. Proving once again how much Brits love their hot hatches. Would we love a Hyundai hot coupe as much?

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