Hybrid servicing bills to be cut by independent garages

Hybrid-technicianHybrid car servicing and MOT bills will potentially be cheaper future thanks to growing numbers of independent garages receiving certified training to work on them.

Industry body Trust My Garage says it has just put 1,000 independent garage members through a hybrid technical training scheme – giving them the same skills to work on them as franchised garages.

This includes access to the same level of technical information, too.

The news will be of interest to Brits as the garage scheme reveals the surprise fact that the UK is actually the world’s fourth largest market for hybrid vehicles – registrations have risen from 14,000 to over 25,000 in the past three years alone.

Only Japan, America and France have more hybrids on their roads than us.

Trust My Garage’s Terry Gibson said: “Our Hybrid Vehicle Awareness course is certified by the Institute of the Motor Industry which means that technicians have an industry standard QAA qualification to demonstrate that they can safely work on and around hybrid vehicles.”

Hybrids aren’t actually all that different to normal cars to service: the differences come in ensuing technicians are trained so that they’re aware of the particular hazards of working with high voltage systems – as well as the methods used to make the vehicles safe so that it can be worked on, adds the association.

“As with new cars, many motorists falsely believe that their hybrid car can only be serviced by a main dealer but this is not the case.

“Independent garages have the same access to skills and information as main dealers and the fact that so many of our members are now able to service hybrid vehicles is proof of this.”

As the UK’s hybrid car parc continues to grow, and models on the road start to age, many motorists should welcome the fact more affordable independent garages are now officially trained to work on them.

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