Huge premiums offered for Jaguar F-Pace

Huge premiums offered for Jaguar F-Pace

Huge premiums offered for Jaguar F-Pace

A finance company has said its customers are being offered large amount of money from dealers keen to get hold of the new Jaguar F-Pace SUV.

Magnitude Finance says the F-Pace is the latest ‘must-have’ amongst its customers, which explains why pre-registered examples advertised on Auto Trader are being advertised for as much as £10,000 more than list price.

Magnitude Finance’s head of sales, Tim Marlow, said: “Our clients are always among the first for all the latest new cars of interest whether that be supercars, luxury SUVs or limited run models.

“We arrange finance for them in advance so they can place orders early and it was no surprise the F-Pace was a popular choice given it’s a car that has never been seen on the road before and it gained so much interest at the Geneva Motor Show.”

There are currently nine examples of the F-Pace advertised on Auto Trader – the cheapest one being a 2.0-litre Portfolio for sale at a dealer for £49,980. That’s around £7,000 more than list price.

Marlow added: “One client told us he received an offer of £78,000 which is the highest we have heard of. He refused as he is a genuine car lover, had customised his car meticulously and wasn’t prepared to sell even for a substantial 20% premium.

“We saw strong residual values for the Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery and also the Porsche Macan, which was still valued at 25% over the list price some two years after being launched.”