fuel prices around the world

How far will £50 of fuel get you? The answer very much depends on your car (obviously), but also where you live around the globe.

Veygo, a British car insurance company, has launched The Global Fuel Price Index – a very clever tool that shows exactly how many miles £50-worth of fuel buys you in various countries. The workings are based on the typical fuel economy of a new Ford Fiesta.

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The numbers are astonishing and, quite frankly, depressing. Let’s set a standard we can all relate to: the UK. Based on a fuel cost per litre of £1.29, £50 will get you 38.76 litres and will take you 383 miles. Sounds about right.

Compare that, if you will, to Iran. At a per-litre cost of just 21p, it’ll set you back just under £9 to fill the tank. Thus, £50 will get you 238 litres of fuel and take you… 2,356 miles.

Now let’s cross the pond to the USA, where fuel is 64p per litre. That’ll make for a £26.88 tank-fill. You’ll get 78 litres for £50 and be able to travel 773 miles. 

fuel prices around the world

So, who has it worse than us? Not many, it must be said. Seriously suffering for a tank of jungle juice are residents of Hong Kong. At £1.61 a litre, it’ll cost £67 to fill the tank, £50 will get you just 31 litres and you’ll travel just over 300 miles. Norway is only slightly better, with £50 worth 319 miles.

The Irish are just about worse-off than us, with 380 miles achievable per £50 of fuel. And over the channel in France, things get a little worse. At £1.37 a litre, £50 buys 36.5 litres and 361 miles of driving.

Be sure to leave the UK with a full tank and hyper-mile it through France for your trans-continental jaunts…

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