Honda CR-Z Supercharged

Hot hybrid: Honda launches 197hp supercharger kit for CR-Z

Honda CR-Z SuperchargedHonda US has launched a supercharger kit for the hybrid CR-Z that boosts power by more than 50% – finally giving it the performance to match its looks.

Fitted by dealers in America, the Honda Performance Development (HPD) kit costs $5,495 (£3,300) plus fitting. For that, buyers get an extra 67hp, pushing power from 130hp to 197hp, and 37lb ft of torque, taking its total to 176lb ft.

As well as a supercharger, the kit comes with a host of kit to make everyone aware the hot CR-Z is a little different to standard. This includes a decal kit, 18-inch alloys and front and rear spoilers.

It’s not all about appearance and pace, either. Alongside the supercharger, the kit also includes sports suspension, a sports exhaust, an up-rated clutch and some meatier front brakes.

Honda CR-Z Supercharged

When you consider all these extras, the supercharger kits starts to look a bit of a bargain for a car that’s been criticised for being underpowered.

Honda billed it as an eco-friendly hybrid coupe at launch. Unfortunately, 56mpg wasn’t all that eco, and the Integrated Motor Assist system couldn’t offer the electric-only driving hybrid drivers expect.

Most instead longed for more power; belatedly, Honda has now introduced what many feel it should have offered from the start.

However, it’s unlikely that Honda dealers in the UK will be offering the supercharger pack. The manufacturer is stopping imports of the model into this country by the end of 2014 due to poor sales. Pity: the thought of the UK’s first hot hybrid coupe is a tempting one.

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