Honda S500

Honda has now made 100 million cars

Honda S500How popular are Honda cars? Very popular: there have now been more than 100 million of them produced since the very first S500 sports car (pictured above) in 1963.

The 100 millionth Honda was made in one of Honda’s 34 car factories spread across five continents, and comes as the pace of production grows ever-higher

Banzai! Lifting the lid on Honda’s heritage collection

Honda made its 5 millionth car in 1978, and its 10 millionth in 1983. The 50 millionth model came in 2003: in just 13 years, it has thus doubled the number of Hondas produced.

A fair few of them have been built in the UK, too. Production here started in 1994 with the Accord. Today, the Swindon factory is building the new Civic hatchback for global markets.

Takahiro Hachigo, president and CEO of Honda Motor, said: “The passion of our company founder who wanted to help people in their daily lives and pursue the joy of driving has been inherited by Honda associates as the original starting point of Honda automobile manufacturing.” The landmark 100 millionth car is a glowing demonstration of their success.

Honda doesn’t want to let up, either – and is planning yet more exciting new cars in order to continue its expansion. “Striving to meet the next 100 million customers,” confirmed Hachigo, “Honda will continue delivering increasingly attractive products.”    

Question is, how long before it hits the 200 million cars mark? Who fancies placing a bet on before 2040?

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