Honda Civic Type R Concept Model Geneva 2014

Honda Civic Type R Concept Model confirmed for Geneva 2014

Honda Civic Type R Concept Model Geneva 2014Honda will reveal a world-first look at its all-new Civic Type R hot hatch at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

And it seems the much-anticipated new car, recently driven by MR in prototype form, is already set to be a star of the show.

For now, we only have a sketch, but even this confirms the car’s going to sport a radical rear wing, full race-inspired bodykit, quad exhausts and an aggressive-look rear diffuser.

Cutouts in the front and rear wheelarches suggest some trick work with aerodynamics – note how the side sill also appears to form an aero path with the slot in the front wing.

You probably won’t have noticed this first of all though, because of that amazing rear wing. It’s quite amazing, with pointy fins a bit like a 1950s US Cadillac, and looks to be a fully integrated structure that incorporates the rear lights.


Honda indicates it’s made from carbon fibre, and even this appears to have some additional aero complexity built in (note how you can see daylight in the offside corner, suggesting that duct in the nearside is functional…).

Will it make production? Could it legally make production in this extreme form? Goodness knows, but we’ll be crossing everything tight that it does…

280hp… or more?

Honda’s not confirming any details of what’s underneath, although we already know it will be a 2.0-litre turbo four-pot with around 280hp (although rumours are that Honda will go for a full 300hp). CJ reckons a 0-62mph time of around six seconds.

He also suggests Honda is going for a Nurburgring front-wheel drive hot hatch lap record – which will be interesting, given his suggestion that SEAT plans to announce its own Ring record for the new Leon Cupra at Geneva 2014…

One thing’s for sure, though – no hot hatch is going to look as radical as Honda’s ‘racing car for the road’ Civic Type R Concept Model. We look forward to seeing it in the metal…

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