Hire a classic through AirBnB

You can now hire a classic car through Airbnb

Hire a classic through AirBnB

How about a classic car, ready-and-waiting on the driveway of your holiday home? A new partnership between BookAClassic and Airbnb could make it happen.

London-based BookAClassic has joined forces with Luxury Retreats, the posh arm of Airbnb, to offer car hire when you book a high-end property. The company has more than 20,000 vehicles in 36 countries on its books, including buses, trucks and motorbikes.

A quick browse of the BookAClassic website reveals you can rent everything from a London taxi to a Lamborghini, with hourly rates from around £60. Many of the cars are self-drive, although some are chauffeur-driven only. 

Hire a classic through AirBnB

A few of our favourites include a Delorean DMC 12 (from £70 p/h), Ford Anglia police car (£100 p/h) and Mercedes-Benz 280SL ‘Pagoda’ (£100p/h).

There are plenty of oddballs, too, such as an amphibious Amphicar 770 (£75p/h) and a three-wheeled Carver One (£50p/h).

Claus Stig Christensen, CEO of BookAClassic, said: “We have built the largest selection of classic vehicles around the globe, which means we can provide anything from a Ferrari in Italy to a Mustang in the USA – and we’re just getting started!”

As well as holiday road trips, the cars are available for wedding and events. We’ll have a remote French farmhouse and a Peugeot 205 GTI, please. Bonnes vacances!

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