Revealed: the speed cameras most likely to cause a crash

High-mileage drivers dismiss speed cameras as ‘money-making tool’

High-mileage drivers dismiss speed cameras as 'money-making tool'

Research by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has discovered that drivers who cover high mileages are more dismissive of speed cameras – with more than half saying they felt they were little more than a ‘money making tool’.

With 6,000 fixed speed cameras in operation across the UK, the IAM said it felt the ‘time was right’ to commission a white paper on the views of those who use the roads the most.

Some 60% of respondents thought there were other reasons why speed cameras had been installed, other than at accident black spots.

IAM chief executive officer Sarah Sillars said: “It is clear that there is a very big task when it comes to making high-mileage driver see the worth of measures to reduce speeding. While we know that speeding is not the only cause of accidents and injuries, it is one of the major ones.”

When asked how acceptable is it for authorities to use speed cameras at the side of the road to identify vehicles involved in speeding offences, 28% of high mileage drivers said it was unacceptable, compared to just 18% of medium-mileage drivers and 17% of low-mileage drivers.

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