Harman launches headphones-free in-car sound zones

HARMAN ISZPremium audio brand Harman has launched groundbreaking new technology that creates a personal sound zone for every occupant in a car – without the need to wear headphones.

The new tech, dubbed Individual Sound Zones (ISZ) has debuted at the CES 2015 event in Las Vegas, with Harman revealing it’s available off the shelf right now for car makers to use.

ISZ adds headrest speakers to the regular car audio system, along with thin flat Electro Dynamic Planar Loudspeakers in the car’s roof.

With the use of digital signal processing, the additional micro speakers can ‘quieten’ signals from other zones and amplify sound in their ‘own’ zone.

It does not completely eliminate all sounds for all occupants, but tailors audio to each person by boosting what’s important to them.

“Individual Sound Zones can be integrated into any Harman in-car audio system via the amplifier,” said the firm, “providing automakers limitless possibilities to further enhance in-car listening experiences.

Audio for all

A Harman survey has recently found that three in five drivers use their car as a ‘people carrier’, transporting two or more people. This had led the firm to improve in-car audio for all, with the new ISZ technology leading the way.

Solutions such as this, it adds, are why premium audio sales are to grow up 10 per cent a year annually.

The firm also confirmed at CES 2015 that its award-winning HALOsonic active noise management system is also now available to car firms for integration into production models.

HALOsonic offers a range of functions include road noise cancellation, engine order cancellation and electronic sound synthesis.

Car firms currently offering Harman premium stereo systems include BMW, MINI, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Jeep, Subaru and Volvo.

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