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Halfords will service your hybrid car from £89

Halfords AutocentreBy the end of 2018, there will be more than 200,000 hybrid or fully-electric cars on British roads – and to cater for the servicing demands of these cars as they age, Halfords Autocentres has announced it’s now ready to accept them nationwide.

The firm has trained up at least one technician in each of its UK garages to become a fully qualified electric car hybrid mechanic. As the chain has the largest independent garage network in the UK, this means electric and hybrid owners now have a big opportunity to save cash running their green cars.

“We’ve trained almost 400 technicians to develop the skills needed to service and maintain low carbon vehicles,” said Stefan Warhaftig, Halfords Autocentres’ commercial director. “Being the first to offer hybrid services nationally is a great milestone for us.”

There are now three levels of Halfords hybrid car services:

  • Interim service: from £89 – a 54-point check advised every six months for high-mileage drivers. It includes an oil and filter change, brake, steering and suspension checks, and a top-up of essential fluids
  • Full service: from £159 – a comprehensive annual service covering 81 checks and adjustments, which “exceeds most manufacturers’ service schedules”. There’s a full wear and tear check using a colour-coded reporting system
  • Major service: from £215 – advised every two years, and includes all of the above plus a full brake fluid change and cabin filter replacement

All three hybrid vehicle services include checks and maintenance of the following EV-specific items:

  • Diagnostic hybrid battery health check
  • Charging port and high voltage cables check
  • Inverter coolant check
  • Brake binding check

Halfords will even throw in a MOT with any of the three hybrid vehicle services – and charge you just £15 for the privilege, rather than up to £50…

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