Greenpeace demands electric car revolution – from the top of Nelson's Column

Greenpeace activists angry at ‘dangerous’ levels of air pollution are scaling some of London’s biggest landmarks today, starting with the 52m high Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square.

The organisation has said it will target 17 statues in the capital today – although four people have already been already arrested over the protests.

Greenpeace has said that London ‘desperately needs a clean air action plan’ in a bid to save thousands of lives a year, and has outlined five key areas in which it suggest the government should focus.

These include encouraging an electric car revolution and speeding up the development of green public transport.

The group has also chastised the government for investing millions in the UK road network – a move which will ‘only lead to more air pollution’, it says.

It is also calling on Cameron to increase regulation on the car industry by setting tougher emissions standards, improving real-world tests and making sure ‘cheating companies like Volkswagen are punished’.

The protests come after a YouGov survey last week revealed that more than half of London adults think diesel cars should be banned from the capital.