Chargemaster EV charging point

Have MPs triggered an EV breakthrough?

Chargemaster EV charging pointThe government has today confirmed it is investing £15 billion in what it says is the biggest overhaul of Britain’s road network in a generation.

But that’s not all it’s confirmed.

Hidden in the release announcement is another interesting line – a commitment to create new electric car charging points every 20 miles across the UK road network.

Could this be an electric vehicle breakthrough?

There have certainly been plenty of pure EV and, in particular, plug-in hybrid EV launches these past few years. MR has just driven the latest, Kia’s Soul EV, and is this week driving an interesting new BMW plug-in hybrid prototype coming to showrooms in the near future.

We’ve also just confirmed delivery of our latest long-termer – a plug-in hybrid that’s certainly going to interest a few premium brand fans.

But despite all these launches, and some headline sales percentage increases in recent months, the ‘low emissions vehicle’ (LEV) sector in the UK is still fledgling. Particularly electric cars, which are potentially the greenest of all.

And it’s mainly down to range anxiety.

The idea of a car with a range of less than 100 miles is, it seems, just too frightening for most. Because, well, where do you charge it back up again if you get caught out?

Today, the government may have helped quell that worry. With a guarantee that charging points will be no more than 20 miles away – and if charging companies equip them with fast-chargers – how many more will now find a green, punchy, silent-running EV might actually be worth a look?

Electric drive IS the powertrain of the future, but the ‘when’ has never quite been clear. In taking away some of the anxieties of car buyers, the government may today have brought forward the day EV becomes truly viable.

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