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The government wants to lift a ban on self-parking vehicles

The UK government has launched a consultation on whether owners of self-parking cars should be able to use the technology without risking a fine.

Although remote-parking technology is now available on high-end models such as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, whether you’re actually allowed to use it in the UK remains a grey area.

The government is now looking at changing the Highway Code to make it clear that drivers can use the auto parking features without fear of repercussions.

“Being able to park via remote control can potentially assist in how vehicles are utilised and parked for thousands of UK drivers, providing extra convenience and flexibility,” said transport minister Jesse Norman. “This technology should also provide great benefit for drivers with mobility impairments, enabling and empowering users to park in confidence where once it may have been challenging to do so.”

Research claims the average driver spends 106 days during their lifetime searching for parking spaces.

As part of the consultation document, the government proposes adding a new rule to the Highway Code, stating: “You can park your vehicle via remote control, using a legally compliant parking application or device in an appropriate way which does not endanger others.”

If the proposals go ahead, the driver must be within six metres of the vehicle – a distance the Department for Transport suggests is safe to perform remote manoeuvres.

Norman added: “Without necessary provision and regulatory change, these technologies will not be able to be utilised on British roads effectively. On the international stage, new standards incorporating this technology, along with increased scope for motorway assistance systems, came into force in October 2017; Great Britain must be ready to adopt these to ensure a smooth transition to increasingly automated vehicles.”

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