Government raises £46.5m from foreign lorries on UK roads

Government raises £46.5m from foreign lorries on UK roads

Government raises £46.5m from foreign lorries on UK roads

Transport Minister Andrew Jones has said that foreign-registered trucks have paid £46.5 million since an HGV road-user levy was introduced last year.

This is more than double original predictions of around £21 million.

The levy, for all lorries over 12 tonnes, costs up to £10 per day – or £1,000 per year if paid in advance.

The Minister has revealed that 1.9 million levies have been purchased for foreign HGVs since it was introduced on 1 April 2014.

Of these, 91% of those were daily – despite reductions offered if levies were bought for longer periods, which accounts for predictions being exceeded.

Over a quarter of the levies bought were for Polish-registered vehicles, followed by Romania (12%) and Spain (9%).

The majority (97%) of levies were bought online using registered accounts. The rest were purchased through digital point-of-sale terminals on ferries and at truck stops.

Roadside check sites run by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have found a 95% levy compliance level for foreign-registered lorries, while £900,000 has been raised in fines from those who haven’t bought a levy.

The levy also applies to UK HGVs. However, the Department for Transport (DfT) says Vehicle Excise Duty has been cut by the same amount, meaning operators shouldn’t notice a difference in outgoings.

In total, however, £146 million has been raised from UK-registered lorries.

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