The government is spending £46m repairing potholes

The government is spending £46m repairing potholes

The government is spending £46m repairing potholes

The government has pledged £46 million to repair a million potholes across the country, as part of a funding boost for England’s local road infrastructure.

As well as the £46 million pothole fund, £151 million is being set aside to reward councils which efficiently plan road maintenance. It’s part of more than £6 billion pledged to help local authorities keep their roads in good condition.

A further £4 million is going towards the Cycle Rail scheme, which sets to improve cycle facilities at train stations, while £500,000 will incentivise the development of connected vehicle technologies.

The funding was announced by transport minister Jesse Norman as he visited York to see the progress of an innovative pothole spotter trial and a new e-bike.

The trial sees high-definition cameras fitted to bicycles, buses and bin lorries to monitor road conditions. It gives councils detailed information so they can fill potholes when they occur as well as plan resurfacing works and help prevent potholes and other road defects.

“People need great roads to get about, do business and see friends and family,” said Norman.

“We’re investing record amounts at present to improve the condition of our roads, so drivers and cyclists don’t have to dodge potholes to travel safely.

“We’re also looking at how new innovations can help councils keep their roads in the best condition, saving money and planning their maintenance better.”

A £250 million pothole action fund was announced as part of the 2016 budget with the aim of fixing more than four million potholes by 2020/21. The latest £46 million of funding to repair potholes is on top of £75 million already given to councils earlier this year.

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