Google Maps can help you locate the right electric car charger

You can now decide what car charger you want on Google Maps

Earlier this year, Google Maps added the ability to find electric car charging points. However, just as a diesel pump would be no use to a petrol driver, some charging points don’t work for some EVs. Now Google has updated its software, enabling you search for the specific charger type you need. 

It is possible to go a step further, too. When searching for chargers on Google Maps, there is the option to add the plug that your vehicle needs into the preferences. 

In the ‘choose plugs’ section on Maps, six different types are covered. These are the conventional Type 2 and Tesla points, as well as CCS combo 1 and combo 2, CHAdeMO and J1772. Most, if not all, electric cars should be covered by these options. Select the plugs you need, and only these will be displayed when you search for charging stations.

The result? No turning up to a charge point, only to find you can’t plug in. In addition, Maps also tells you whether a charge point is currently in use.

Other ways to find an EV charger

You can now decide what car charger you want on Google Maps

Google Maps is just the latest aid to electric vehicle drivers. Services like Zap Map and Go Ultra Low have made it their mission to publicise the locations of chargers as clearly and efficiently as possible.

Just as many of us are loyal to certain fuel stations in our area, so too can EV drivers find ‘their’ charge points near home, work and beyond. Learn where and when is best to go, and, with the continuing expansion of the infrastructure, range anxiety could become a thing of the past.

It’s also possible that your electric car will have an in-built facility to find the closest suitable charging point.

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