A Ferrari 250 GTO overtakes an Aston Martin DB4 GT. Taken by Richard Pardon for Goodwood

Goodwood Revival: £200 million of cars line up for world’s most expensive motor race

A Ferrari 250 GTO overtakes an Aston Martin DB4 GT. Taken by Richard Pardon for Goodwood

Pointing out that a track full of 1960s GT racers at Goodwood Revival is worth quite a lot seems somewhat obvious. However in this, the 20th anniversary of the event, Goodwood seems to be going for a record, with a Kinrara Trophy race grid topping £200 million.

Football, Farage and Ferraris: Goodwood Revival in pictures

The race pertains to pre-1963 closed-cockpit GT cars, with an emphasis on the earlier, elegant side of ’60s GT racing. That means marque-defining greats from the most revered names in motoring: Ferrari vs. Aston Martin vs. Jaguar – and much more. What fortifies that valuation, then?

£40 million+ of Ferrari GTOs

Not much needs to be said about the value of the GTO. They’ve pretty well always been the definition of a ‘better than gold’ classic car investment. Don’t even turn up to the auction if you’ve got anything less than £20 million to play with. If it’s the one-of-two 4.0-litre V12 330 GTO you’re interested in, better to pack £25 million. Both a 250 and 330 GTO will be trading paint in the Kinrara Trophy.

£50 – £100 million of Ferrari 250 SWBs

Then there are 10 Ferrari 250 SWBs (Short Wheel Base).Just one will set you back £5 million, minimum. And unless everyone in the auction hall has fallen asleep, don’t be surprised if that number swells to £10 million and beyond.

£5 – £10 million of Aston Martin DB4 GTs

Aston Martin’s contribution to the original battle of the grand tourers was the DB4 GT. Its answer to the V12-engined Ferrari 250s was the ultimate British bulldog and, truthfully, also something of an underdog. They’re no small change now, though, with most commanding upwards of £1 million for the privilege of ownership.

A Jaguar E-Type on the grid surrounded by more E-Types, Aston Martin DB4 GTs and Ferrari 250 GT SWBs. Taken by Tim Brown for Goodwood

Ferrari 250 ‘Breadvan’ – £15 million+

This unique Bizzarrini-bodied 250 is a regular race participant and winner at historic events the world over, including many appearances at Goodwood. You’d think this SWB-based one-off worth over £15 million might stay garaged due to the risk of a prang but this car has seen worse and come back for more.

The best of the rest

Not quite adding up to the £200 million headline figure? Don’t forget the smattering of racing Jaguar E-Types, AC Cobras, a Maserati 3500 GT and much more. The Ferraris, Astons and all of these will hit the track around dusk and race into the darkness. We can’t wait. 

A Ferrari 250 GTO SWB and Austin Healey 3000 Mk1 in the pits for a driver change. Taken by Tim Brown for Goodwood

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