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Amazing cars of the Goodwood Revival car park

Goodwood Revival is the UK’s most glamorous race meeting, crammed with beautiful people and priceless classic cars. As ever, though, much of the most interesting metal is found outside – in the car park. This year, we spotted everything from a Ferrari F40 (above) to an original Mini Cooper. Keep clicking for a guided tour.

Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche’s seminal early-2000s Carrera GT sported a howling V10 – a leftover from Le Mans – suspended in a gorgeous carbon cradle, plus a manual gearbox and svelte styling. Today, it’s regarded as one of the all-time ‘analogue’ supercar greats.

Aston Martin DB3S and Lamborghini Huracan Performante

A Goodwood car park is never without its contrasts. Case in point: an Aston Martin DB3S replica parked next to a new Lamborghini Huracan Performante, the latter complete with screaming V10. Four-wheeled loveliness for all the family.

Ferrari F355

The car that saved Ferrari – the F355 is one of the best-regarded mid-engined berlinettas of all time. Jaw-dropping beauty, a yowling quad-cam V8 and super-sweet driving dynamics all cement its classic status.

Porsche 911R

The original hardcore 911. This was the first of the breed to mature into a pure and proper racing car, with lightweight bodywork and twin-overhead camshafts boosting its flat-six to more than 200hp. The ‘R’ is one of tne of the most sought-after classic 911s today.

Ford Mustang GT350H

The Shelby GT350H was special edition Mustang offered by Hertz in the US. Advertised as the “Rent-a-Racer”, most of the 1,000 cars were painted in this distinctive – and very cool – black and gold colour scheme. Some customers apparently took Hertz’s advice too literally and used the cars for drag racing.

Lotus 340R

For a company rarely possessed of two pennies to rub together, Lotus does have its occasional mad moments. The Ariel Atom-aping 340R was one of them. This roofless, doorless, track-focused roadster was one of the final cars powered by the venerable Rover K-series engine. Its sharper styling previewed the S2 Elise.

Caterham Seven Sprint

One of the most Goodwood Revival-appropriate cars must be the one that was launched here, right? The Caterham Seven Sprint offers vintage style, rewarding dynamics and limited-edition kudos. No wonder it sold out within minutes of being revealed.

Range Rover

The original SUV (discuss) is a bona fide classic in its own right. Resplendent in red, this early three-door, Belgian-registered Range Rover is considerably more basic than today’s offerings. What would the Kardashians make of it?

Lancia Delta Integrale 16v

Not quite the full HF Evo vindaloo, this Integrale 16v is a tikka-level dark horse delight. Its 200hp turbocharged engine offers plenty of punch, with power going to all four wheels. A legend, both on the road and rally stage.

Morris Mini Cooper

Few things are more fun than watching Minis beat seven shades out of monstrous Yank Tanks on Goodwood Motor Circuit – especially if you follow that by driving this lovely Morris Cooper home. The original hot hatch? Well, technically it’s a saloon, but you get the idea.

Porsche 924 Turbo

The Turbo version of the 924 was designed to bridge the gap between Porsche’s entry-level sports car and the 911s of the era. Turbocharging had proven effective in racing and Porsche was keen to use the technology for road cars. In the end, the 170hp 924 Turbo came perilously close to the performance of the 180hp 911 SC.

Jaguar XKR-S

Jaguar’s supercharged sports GT had to go out with a bang (and a plume of tyre smoke). The 560hp XKR-S, seen here in the glowing French Racing Blue, did the job. This, or a new F-Type SVR?

Efini RX-7

“What on Earth is an Efini RX-7?” you might well ask. It’s very simple, really: it’s an ‘FD’ RX-7 like any other, only sold under Mazda’s luxury sub-brand, Efini. Mazda ditched Efini after 1997, making this a curious (and rare) footnote in the RX-7’s history.

Mercedes-Benz 190 2.3-16

A homologation special and the original underdog sports saloon, the 190 2.3-16 is a roadgoing refugee from the DTM (German Touring Cars) series, and constant thorn in the E30 BMW M3’s side. We actually think it’s cooler in subtle 2.3 spec, rather than bewinged 2.5-litre Evo.

BMW 2000 Alpina

One of the earliest Alpinas, based on the ‘New Series Saloons’ from BMW. Both represented fresh beginnings for their respective companies and this Alpina was a rare thing when new. We’d love to know how many are left. German plates suggest this one has travelled a long way…

McLaren 720S

We described the 720S as “the definitive modern supercar” when we borrowed one earlier this year. Sensationally fast, yet remarkably easy to drive, it’s definitely on our lottery list. This blue car was one of several new McLarens in the Revival car park, including a 650S, 570GT and 570S Spider.

Ferrari Dino 246 GTS

The Dino, named after Enzo Ferrari’s son, was the legendary marque’s first foray into more attainable sports cars. In fact, it started a lineage of mid-engined models that has made been Ferrari’s backbone ever since. It’s one of Maranello’s most beautiful models, too.

Fiat 500

The Cinquecento was Italy’s answer to the Mini or Volkswagen Beetle – a true ‘people’s car’ that remained in production for nearly two decades. Nowadays, of course, the entire Fiat range is a bloated facsimile of this tiny, terrific original.

Ford Country Sedan

Patina – defined by the Cambridge dictionary as ‘a thin surface layer that develops on something because of use, age or chemical action’ – is an overused word in classic car circles, but this Ford Country Sedan has it in spades. Rarely has rust looked so right.

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