Fun off with a free Toyota Aygo

Toyota-Aygo-prize-weekendToyota dealers will go all Aygo crazy this weekend with nationwide open days to showcase the, ahem, xpressive new city car. 

There’ll be lots of fun happening, promises Toyota. And for those who really do go crazy and order one on the spot, a surprise may be in store: a full refund from Toyota.

Yes, anyone who buys a new Aygo this weekend will be entered into a prize draw to win it instead. Saving them, according to the Motoring Research new car database, £11,695 (and that’s before any options are added on).

It’s not a competiton open to anyone else, either – no entry by sticking a postcard in box at the dealer or checking in via Facebook: you have to order between the morning of Friday 15 August and the evening of Monday 18th August, and the order must be fully processed before the close of business on Monday.

Entrants must also be at least 18 years of age.

There’ll be no waiting around for months while Toyota decides who’s won, though: the free Aygo winner should be decided on 22 August. Just in time to fun off in the new Aygo for the weekend and spend some of the winnings?

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