German cars are most likely to be given names

Brits love naming their cars

A survey of 2,000 British motorists reveals we love to name our cars. Nearly half (46 percent) of respondents said they had done so, with German cars most likely to have a pet name.

The majority of those who name their cars are on the younger side: 73 percent of 18-24 year-olds, versus just 26 percent of drivers aged 65 and over. 

Brits love naming their cars

The three big premium brands from Germany – Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW – are named the most by their owners. In total, 63 percent of BMW drivers name their cars, with 57 percent of Audi owners following suit.

Equally, 54 percent of female respondents anthropomorphise their wheels, compared with just 46 percent of men.

As for where drivers are most likely to name their cars, London, the East Midlands and Northern Ireland are the top three places. Meanwhile, the Scots just aren’t feeling the fun, with only 35 percent joining in.

What are we naming our cars?

Brits love naming their cars

The most popular car names? It’s all about the Bs. The top 10 in reverse order is: Bessie, Sally, Baby, Daisy, Bertha, Beast, Dave, Bob, Betty and Betsy.

Some of the funniest names? We quite like Foxy the Vauxy, Mary Berry and Senga the Vengabus.

One name that CompareTheMarket, which conducted the survey, highlighted was Captain America. We can’t help but think there’s a missed opportunity there. Captain Americar, anyone? 

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