McLaren 570GTMcLaren will showcase the new 570GT two-seat sportscar, its most targeted Porsche 911 rival yet, at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Costing from £154,000, deliveries begin in late 2016.

The new Sports Series derivative is a more luxurious and everyday alternative to the acclaimed 570S, set apart by a unique GT-style rear end that boosts practicality and usability.

McLaren 570GT

The 570GT has an extended roofline with a rear hatch – that, in a novel touch, is side-hinged. This revels an additional 220 litres’ storage space in McLaren’s leather-lined ‘Touring Deck’ – this takes total storage space up to 370 litres, or just 10 litres shy of a Volkswagen Golf.

McLaren 570GT

The firm has also softened the suspension (spring rates are up to 15% more compliant), made the steering 2% slower and calibrated the setup to boost ride quality over rough roads.

Special Pirelli P Zero tyres with the ‘Pirelli Noise Cancelling System’ PNCS are fitted. They reduce cabin noise by up to 3dB.

McLaren 570GT

It’s still no slouch: the 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 retains its 570hp, 443lb-ft torque output. McLaren has revised the seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox ratios though. It also has a ‘quieter’ exhaust.

0-62mph takes 3.4 seconds and the 570GT has a top speed of 204mph. It also does 26.6mpg and emits 249g/km CO2.

Inside the McLaren 570GT

McLaren 570GT

In contrast to the sports-like 570S, the 570GT has a suitably lavish cabin, with extended leather pack, plus electric seats, soft-close doors (making latching the dihedral ‘gullwing’ doors that bit easier) and a choice of sound systems.

The Touring Deck has been made from noise absorbing materials and, points out McLaren, the side-hinged hatch opens kerbside on both right-hand drive and left-hand drive models.

McLaren 570GT

A panoramic glass roof is standard on all 570GT and McLaren has upgraded the climate control to control temperatures from the increased glass area. The roof’s also been treated with an 18% tint, the same as on the McLaren P1.

Tech-spotters will note the 570GT lacks the flying rear buttresses of the 570S. As these have an aerodynamic function, McLaren has fitted a 10mm taller fixed rear spoiler to compensate.