Geneva 2014 Blog: On our bike says Jaguar

Jagaur Team SkyI’ve safely landed in a crisp Geneva courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover and today the work starts in earnest.

Yes, the 40km cycle ride with expert Rapha guides really is work. Honest.

This bit, which I’m gearing up for right now, is part of Jaguar’s ongoing association with Team Sky. A little while back, the relationship stepped up a notch with Jaguar now appearing on the Team Sky jerseys: we’ll find out later some of the other developments in the pipeline.

But when so many others are off skiing, it’s the chance to do an activity I really enjoy that’s really got me buzzing this morning. Like Jaguar, I too am new to the road biking scene, despite years of getting out on a generic bike for fitness purposes. I, like the brand, am sure I’ll learn plenty from this inaugural Jaguar ride-out.

There’s another circle in the schedule though: early this afternoon, I’m driving one of the journalists’ big draws of the show – the Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake. A 550hp estate car: what’s not to like? If there is anything, I’ll be telling you later.

The schedule then gets a little bit fuzzy and I’ve got a fair bit of juggling to do. Some jogging in a suit may be called for, I suspect. Updates through the day on @richardaucock – oh, and images on MR’s new Instagram feed too.

As for the rest of the team, Gavin and CJ will be on a plane, Sean will be on a ski slope and Peter will be in a presumably high-powered Vauxhall driving mainly due north (perhaps with a few sideways moments) to Geneva.

The Geneva Motor Show is almost upon us…

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