MOT garage discovers live rabbit in bumper

We all love a juicy mechanic’s horror story. Liquids of questionable colour, consistency and smell billowing out of coolant bottles like lava from a caldera, wheel hubs wobbling free of the several linkages and mountings designed to keep it true. Cringe-worthy stuff you just can’t not watch.

Well, we’re here to bring a somewhat fluffier and cuddlier spin on the traditional garage nightmare. That spin (or hop?) comes in the form of a little rabbit discovered holed up in the snout of a Vauxhall Corsa by mechanic Dave Gordon and his dog Cooper. The car had been delivered to the Aberdeenshire-based Newburgh Motors for an MOT.

Gordon reckons the rabbit had travelled around 10 miles wedged where it was, but suggests it emerged unscathed. In fact, it’s possible their new-found friend is to become a part of the family if an owner doesn’t come to claim it – a microchip or collar wasn’t uncovered after a trip to the vets.

He reckons he’s unsure where it’s from, and whether it’s wild or domesticated, but the fact it doesn’t mind a fuss from humans suggests it has a home somewhere. Cooper the dog is allegedly nonplussed by the new guest in the Gordon residence.

Its free ride shouldn’t harm or help the Corsa’s chances during the MOT. We just can’t help but think a more appropriate car for a little rabbit to catch a ride with would be a US-spec re-badged MK5 Golf…

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