Motorist filling up at fuel station

Fuel prices falling after 4 months of hikes

Motorist filling up at fuel stationUK fuel prices are belatedly beginning to fall after supermarkets led the way in early August 2016 with a 2p per litre price reduction on petrol and diesel.

Nationwide, RAC Fuel Watch petrol prices are now 0.41p lower than they were a month ago, meaning the average price of petrol is 111.8p per litre and diesel is 112.4p a litre.

From being slightly cheaper than petrol, diesel is regaining its price premium: the reduction in diesel prices during July was just 0.06p per litre.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said more price cuts should be in store. “We are hopeful that the early August supermarket cut will make a bigger difference to household budgets in the summer holiday period even though it came a more than a week later than it should have done.”

Falling fuel wholesale prices, he said, is being caused by an oversupply of oil and slowing global economic growth. This has made fuel significantly cheaper than a year ago.

“Motorists continue to benefit from the lower oil price which had led to petrol prices that are nearly 5p a litre cheaper than a year ago and diesel that’s more than 3p a litre less expensive.”

Prices in the East Midlands fell by the biggest margin, with petrol 1.53p per litre cheaper over the month, and diesel 0.95p per litre.

You’ll pay an average of 110.5p per litre for petrol in the East Midlands, compared to 111.7p per litre in the South East – worth bearing in mind if you’re travelling through the UK this summer.

Diesel prices only failed to fall in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but the latter is still the cheapest place in the UK to buy diesel; again, the South East is the most expensive, with diesel costing 112.5p per litre instead of Northern Ireland’s 110.9p.

That’s a hefty 1.6p per litre difference.

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